Snetterton Residents Update

Snetterton Residents Update


Dear Snetterton neighbour

Noise from Snetterton Race Circuit

Before 1978 virtually all vehicles were un-silenced but since then changes in the regulations set by the UK motorsport regulatory bodies, MSUK and ACU, mean that now only certain of the highest performance cars and motorcycles fall into this category. For the first time in the 50 plus year history of Snetterton Circuit an agreement between MSV and Breckland Council now restricts when and how many of these un-silenced vehicles may run and also includes the construction of a noise attenuating bund on the eastern boundary. If you would like to know more, you can find full details of all these new controls on the Breckland Council website,

Snetterton has a long history of being an important test circuit for un-silenced cars, which include Formula 1, Le Mans sports cars and several other categories. Apart from bringing essential revenue to maintain the viability of the circuit, such testing also provides employment and prestige to Snetterton and the region. Historically, many Formula 1 cars have tested at Snetterton such as Lotus, Pacific F1, and Symtec F1. More recently Williams, BMW, Lola, Audi, A1GP, Bentley and Aston Martin have all developed their World Cup and Le Mans champion racers at the circuit.

In addition to the agreement concerning un-silenced running, MSV has also established, in consultation with Breckland Council, a formal Noise Management Plan. This provides defined daily operational practice and also a framework that will be a guide to future operation and any development of the site.

Some of these controls have a direct impact on the operation of the venue, and others involve improved notification of the circuit's activities to local residents. The key points of the Noise Management Plan are:

  • Drive-by noise monitor operational from March 2010
  • All vehicles noise tested and results logged
  • Number of un-silenced test days restricted to 31 per annum
  • Restrictions on the numbers and types of race days
  • Restrictions on the operational times each day
  • Restrictions on the numbers and maximum noise levels of evening circuit operations
  • Building of a noise attenuation bund along eastern boundary
  • Restrictions on the types and numbers of vehicles allowed on circuit at any one time

MSV has invested several hundreds of thousands of pounds in erecting the noise attenuation bund along Snetterton's eastern boundary, and committed to run no un-silenced test days until that project was completed in late February 2010. It should be borne in mind that this huge investment and reduced operational capacity came at a time of great economic uncertainty for businesses throughout the UK, with Snetterton Circuit being no exception. I firmly believe that the prosperity of many small and medium local businesses in the area, as well as the direct employment opportunities, is based significantly upon the existence of the circuit. Indeed, Breckland Council has an entire planning and community development strategy based upon our continued presence.

We do recognise that it is particularly useful for local residents to know when the noisiest days will be, so we have instigated several methods of communication to achieve this:

  • Website: there are updates on our special residents page on the Snetterton website, Click Here
  • Email: if you provide us with your email address we will notify you of all noisy test and race days regularly. Please email us at [email protected]
  • Telephone: please call for any information to 01953 887 303.

For those who do not have access to the internet or do not have an e-mail address, please provide your postal details to the circuit and we will supply you with a regular quarterly update and also any details of specified days that are covered by the new operating regulations.

We are very keen that Snetterton should make as little noise disturbance as possible to the local community and appreciate that a balance needs to be struck between the economic viability of the circuit and the local amenity. Of course there will always be some noise from Snetterton, but by working closely with Breckland Council we are confident that this will be well controlled.

I believe that the measures and information outlined above demonstrates our continued commitment to the local community.

Kind regards

Jonathan Palmer
Chief Executive
MotorSport Vision